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New Mindful Schools Trainings for Adults in Summer

Don't miss our exciting summer training lineup! This summer we are offering several Mindfulness Fundamentals and Curriculum Training courses:
For more information, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

See Our In-Class Instruction in Action

The following YouTube video (click on it to view it) includes selections from the upcoming documentary entitled Mindful Kids, shows the Mindful Schools in-class instruction program in action.

For inquiries about Mindful Schools in-class instruction, please email For inquiries about the Mindful Kids documentary, please email Steve Schecter (

Mindful Schools is Leaving Its Park Day School Nest

For the last three years, Mindful Schools has been housed at Park Day School, a K-8 independent school located in North Oakland, CA. Park Day School is a progressive school committed to engaging students in the mastery of academic and interpersonal skills, to diversity and to social justice. Part of the mission of Park Day School is to share its resources with colleagues in public schools.

Mindful Schools, which started as a small Community Outreach pilot program, has now served over 34 schools, 8,000 children, and 1,000 educations and attracted a dedicated team. We have grown to a point where we can become an independent non-profit organization. This is an important step in the eyes of many funders, and will allow Mindful Schools to make an even larger impact.

We will always be grateful to Park Day School for their nurturing nest which enabled Mindful Schools to grow and develop into the thriving organization it is today.

As we make this transition, we need financial support to stabilize our infrastructure, find office space, and prepare for the upcoming 2010-11 school year. Your help in connecting us to foundations and individuals interested in our work is more important than ever.

Please contact with any funding leads.
Online donations
are also available.

Mindful Schools Presents in the Netherlands, Tennessee, and New York

We are hearing from educators around the globe as they begin to understand the value of bringing mindfulness to children.

In July, Megan Cowan and Kate Janke will head to the Netherlands to deliver a four day training detailing the philosophy behind bringing mindfulness into education as well as delivering our curriculum to educators.

In August, Laurie Grossman will head to the Omega Institute in New York to participate in a Mindfulness in Education Conference hosted by Daniel Rechtschaffen, one of Mindful Schools' original teachers.

Also in August, Megan and Kate will head south to University School in Nashville to present our curriculum training to the private school's teaching staff as well as staff from neighboring public schools. Mindful Schools was founded on a public/private school collaborative mission and we are proud to continue that tradition!

Want Mindful Schools at Your School Next Year?

Summer is a great time to meet with us if you'd like to get Mindful Schools at your school in the upcoming school year. Please visit our "Help Your School" page to learn more about how to educate your school community about mindfulness in education. Please send inquiries to Megan Cowan (

Mindful Schools is Looking for Office Space

As we work on growing our impact, we know that having a dedicated office space would enable us to significantly increase productivity. Because of this, we have begun to search for office space, aided by Lou Giampa, a commercial real-estate broker who has kindly volunteered for us.

Ideally, office features would include:
  • Free Parking
  • Natural light
  • Space for 5 staff
  • Roughly 500 square feet
  • Common-area conference space that can be reserved
  • Willing to offer a good deal for a non-profit
We would be grateful for any leads you want to share with us. Please send them to

Web Site, Legal, HR, and Accounting Volunteers Needed Urgently

We are looking for folks who can help us in the following key areas:
  • Web Site Design & Administration: HTML and ASP experience is highly desirable. Site design expertise would be helpful as well. Involves web site updates (roughly weekly) and periodic design work.
  • Legal: advice on forms, legal protections, and insurance.
  • Human Resources: experience with setting up benefits, payroll, and similar areas.
  • Accounting: knowledge of best accounting practices
If you are interested, or want to refer a friend, email Our team is kind, thoughtful, and dedicated to improving education through mindfulness.

Success Stories: Mindful Schools in Action

"You can use mindfulness to cure all the revenge in the world."
    - 4th Grader at a low-income school in Oakland

"I have worked at my school for many years. Every day I walk across campus ten times. Last week for the first time, I noticed dozens of birds on our yard. I donít think they arrived for the first time last week."
    - Elementary school teacher who attended our Mindfulness Fundamentals class

Would You Like to Help Us? Volunteer Opportunities!

If you would like to help make a huge difference in childrenís lives while working with an exceptional team, Mindful Schools has volunteer opportunities in the following areas:
  • Legal counsel and document review
  • Accounting (CPA)
  • Web site design & administration
  • Marketing
  • Event organization
  • Grant research
  • Grant writing
  • Government grants: research and writing
  • Do you have any connections in foundations that might be a good fit for our work? Your introduction or suggestions could make a difference!
If you can help us in these areas we would love to hear from you.
Please contact us at:

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